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Disposable Cleaning Wipes: The Best Wipes to Buy in 2022

Disposable Cleaning Wipes: The Best Wipes to Buy in 2022

Looking for the best disposable cleaning wipes for disinfecting, heavy-duty messes, or for simply cleaning your kitchen counters?

Disposable wet wipes are a quick and simple way to maintain a squeaky clean household and workspace.

After the start of Covid-19, disposable cleaning cloths began to be recognized as an efficient and effective way to keep surfaces clean and reduce the spread of pathogens. While cleaning cloths aren’t a new concept, consumers are now opting to purchase disposable wipes as their preferred method of cleaning and disinfecting. In the last few years, we’ve seen new brands appearing and a wider selection in the types of wipes available. Specialty cleaning cloths are now being designed to tackle specific tasks.

Typically, a wet wipe or disposable cleaning cloth is viewed as a low-risk purchase; this means that buyers usually put little thought into their purchasing decision and assume there to be little risk in making the wrong purchasing decision. Most of us read “Kills 99.9% of Germs!” on the packaging and classify it as being a suitable purchasing option. However, many people fail to recognize that wet wipes can be different in terms of their purposes and formulations. Now, many companies have created and distributed disposable wipes that are designed for specific industries and tasks.

We understand the overwhelming number of disinfecting wipes available in today’s market and the difficulty you may face in differentiating between wet wipe formulations. We want to end your search today!

After extensive research on customer reviews, pricing, product features, environmental factors, and more, we have curated a list of the best wet wipes, by category, that are available in today’s market.

Our Top Picks…

Best Overall Value: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

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  Starting off with our choice for the best overall value in cleaning wipes, we have chosen the classic, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. These all-purpose wet wipes are a great, affordable option for cleaning everyday messes and eliminating pathogens. They meet all of the EPA’s requirements for use in killing viruses and bacteria, killing 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, staph, E. coli, salmonella, and strep. And, it only takes four minutes for the solution to fully disinfect surfaces, drying off just as quickly.

These wipes are safe to use on kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, finished wood, finished granite, and stainless steel. Although you can buy them in either a canister or a flatpack (pictured), we recommend purchasing them in flatpacks. This flexible packaging is more eco-friendly, using around 70 percent less plastic than a canister. Not to mention, flatpacks are better for storage and portability.

Best for Food Safety: Purell Foodservice Surface Sanitizing Wipes

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  Our pick for the food safety category is Purell’s Foodservice Surface Sanitizing Wipes. These wipes are an excellent option for people who work in the food industry or for households that frequently cook. Highly effective at disinfecting, the wipes kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses. The product complies with the highest safety standards followed by the foodservice industry. Purell wipes are assigned the 5th level of the EPA’s toxicity categories, which is classified as the safest rating possible. The product is formulated without the use of harsh chemicals and is non-toxic, eliminating the need for any warning labels. When using these wipes, it is not necessary to wear gloves, wash your hands after use, or worry about residual chemicals, like bleach, remaining on food-preparation surfaces.

Outside of the food industry, Purell Foodservice Surface Sanitizing Wipes can still benefit everyday people. They’re good at preventing cross-contamination, crucial for individuals with food allergies or specific dietary restrictions, or people who frequently cook with raw products, like meat. Purell’s non-toxic wipes are also well-suited for families with young children. They make the perfect cleanser for high chairs or other surfaces children may come into contact with. Additionally, parents of curious toddlers, especially those who struggle with mouthing or thumb-sucking, don’t need to worry about the possibility of their child consuming any toxic chemicals other cleaners may contain.

Best for Sustainability: Method All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

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  Method All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes are our choice for the best wet wipes for sustainability. Method’s wipes are able to combat most messes and are an eco-friendly and effective alternative to standard disinfecting wipes. Due to the organic ingredients in the material, such as coconut and corn, the wipes are fully biodegradable and compostable. These naturally-sourced cleaning agents have been rigorously reviewed and cleared with regard to their environmental impact and human health. Method also takes other steps towards sustainability in addition to their organically-sourced wipes. Every canister is made from 70% recycled plastic.

After combing through numerous reviews, a few recurring concerns noted by some customers include issues with residual countertop streaks and uncertainty surrounding its plant-based cleansing agents and their ability to effectively sanitize. It should be noted that many of the customers who were skeptical of Method’s cleaning ability still recalled having a positive experience with the product.

Best for Outdoor Activities: Crocodile Cloth Outdoor Cleaning Cloths

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  Crocodile Cloth Outdoor Cleaning Wipes offer serious heavy-duty outdoor sanitation in just one wipe. They’re the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts, allowing you to power through grime on camping equipment, gardening tools, fishing/hunting gear, and more. There is no need to worry about these cleaning cloths drying out. Their alcohol-free formula allows them to stay moist for over an hour outside the packaging, perfect for times when clean water is scarce. Another unique feature of the product is the size of the wipes, with each wipe measuring 10 by 15 inches. Additionally, their low-lint, non-woven, highly-absorbent materials help each wipe collect and trap dirt effectively. You really only need one wipe to get the job done.

Crocodile Cloth Outdoor cleaning cloths are infused with aloe and vitamin E and tested by dermatologists, making them safe to touch while not drying out your skin. And, for people who are looking to embrace a greener lifestyle, these wipes are fully biodegradable.

Best for Makeup Removal: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes

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  If you are looking for an affordable, yet effective, makeup remover wipe, we recommend you try Neutrogena’s Ultra-Soft Cleansing Towlettes. These alcohol-free wipes are gentle on your face and can even remove the toughest makeup products—including waterproof makeup. With just one wipe, your face is left completely clean. We also appreciate Neutrogena’s attention to sustainability. These makeup remover wipes are made from 100% plant-based fibers and are biodegradable and compostable.

Best For Industrial Applications: Crocodile Cloth PowerSCRUB

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  Our pick for industrial use are PowerSCRUB™ cleaning cloths from Crocodile Cloth. These wipes were designed with unique features, making these heavy-duty wipes ideal for cleaning up messes around the garage, construction site, factory, and more. If you’ve ever needed more than one wipe to clean up a mess, you need to start using Crocodile Cloth’s wipes. These incredibly strong wipes are designed to be over 4x more effective than the standard wipe. And, their extra large sizing of 15 inches by 10 inches means you’ll need fewer wipes to clean the same messes.

Our favorite feature has to be the PowerSCRUB’s dual-sided texture. One side is smooth to polish and absorb, and the other side is textured for scouring and scrubbing through the thickest grime and grease.

Put Crocodile Cloth® on your shelves! If you’re interested in becoming a Crocodile Cloth® distributor, contact us for pricing and more information.

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