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10 Unexpected Uses for Crocodile Cloth

Unexpected uses for Crocodile Cloth

The average American spends 23 hours and 36 minutes a month cleaning their house. That’s almost a whole day dedicated just to cleaning!

What if we told you you could shave hours off your cleaning routine with the help of one powerful wet wipe? It’s true! All you need is one wipe to handle the toughest messes life throws at you. 

Crocodile Cloths were designed to tackle hardcore dirt and grime in industrial, manufacturing, and construction environments. Trust us, these are no wimpy wipes. But the exciting thing about them is that they are gentle enough for use on fabrics, household surfaces, appliances, and even pets and houseplants! 

These wipes are bigger, thicker, and more absorbent than regular wet wipes on the market, so one wipe is all you need to get down to business on some serious cleaning. 

Do you want to save time and money in your household budget? Keep reading for ten unexpected uses of Crocodile Cloths! 

Types of Crocodile Cloths

Crocodile Cloth are the world’s strongest and most versatile wet wipes. Why buy a cabinet full of cleaning products when you could buy just one package of Crocodile Cloth? Crocodile Cloth can take whatever you throw at them.

There’s a full line of Crocodile Cloth designed to handle:

  • Auto
  • Paint
  • Power Scrubbing
  • Multipurpose
  • Outdoor
  • Grill
  • Marine
  • And more! 


Today we’re going to cover the unexpected uses of the good old original formula. You may be surprised just how versatile the original model really is.

Without further ado, let’s get into the ten unexpected uses of Crocodile Cloth. 

1. Hard-to-Clean Surfaces in Your Home

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to scrub sticky, stuck-on soda or juice out of your refrigerator, Crocodile Cloth is for you. 

Crocodile Cloth are tough on grease, grime, and gunk but gentle on surfaces. You can use them on surfaces including:

  • Appliances of all kinds
  • Stainless steel
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Laminate
  • Tubs
  • Showers

They will leave your home sparkling clean and never leave residue behind.

These wipes are giant — 15-inch by 10-inch — which is way over twice the size of a standard wet wipe. A single Crocodile Cloth can thoroughly scrub the inside and outside of your fridge, toaster, microwave, or oven. They’re powerful enough to remove gooey spills without throwing your back out!

They’re also great for all surfaces in the bathroom. They can seamlessly wipe away stubborn mildew and hard water spots on your shower doors and faucets. 

Did you accidentally let one of your Crocodile Cloth dry out? No worries.

Dry Crocodile Cloths are made with low-lint, highly-absorbent materials that attract and collect dirt like a microfiber cloth. For this reason, they make excellent dusters when dry. 

2. Remove the Smell of Diesel/Gas from Your Hands

If you work on cars, you know how much it stinks (pun intended) to get that smelly diesel/gas odor off your hands. It seems like no matter how much soap and water you use, the smell seems to linger for hours. Not to mention all that soap can dry out your hands big time! 

The non-drying, alcohol-free formula in Crocodile Clothes is gentle on skin but tough on stink. One quick wipe-down at the end of a long day will leave your hands clean and odor-free. They are even infused with aloe and Vitamin E to soothe tired skin — because you deserve it!

3. Clean Leather

Did you know Crocodile Cloth are safe on just about all surfaces — even leather? If you have fine leather furniture, vehicle seats, shoes, or handbags, you want to keep them clean and looking good as new. Maintaining your expensive leather products can be as easy as wiping them down regularly with a Crocodile Cloth! 

4. Remove Carpet Stains

Protect your home value and get more mileage from your carpet with Crocodile Cloth. 

Crocodile Cloth are safe on all flooring, including woven, tufted, cut-pile, and loop-pile carpets. You can even trust them on expensive and antique area rugs. The powerful cleaning agents in Crocodile Wipes can lift and absorb wine, dirt, pet messes, and other enemies to carpet in a flash. 

No need to invest in expensive carpet cleaning products or professional carpet shampooing — Crocodile Cloth are tough on messes but gentle on carpets. 

5. Pet Grooming 

Our furry pets sure are cute, but all that fur can be a nightmare to clean if your animal sheds! 

Crocodile Cloth are the perfect pet care solution between baths and grooming. Wipe down your dog or cat to reduce fur shedding in your house. The moisture in the wipes will quickly lift away excess hair and leave your furry friend smelling fresh and clean! 

6. Remove Spots on Clothing and Sneakers

We’ve all done it — you’re in a hurry to get ready in the morning and get some deodorant, make-up, or coffee on your shirt. No need to change clothes! Crocodile Cloth can thoroughly wipe away marks on clothing of any material.

The same goes for shoes! Want to keep your white sneakers, pumps, or sandals looking fresh? Don’t risk ruining them in the washing machine … simply wipe away grime with a Crocodile Cloth. 

Crocodile Cloth can cut through tough dirt, mud, grease, and sticky goop of all kinds. No matter what you’ve been stepping in, Crocodile Cloth are tough enough to remove dirt and gentle enough to protect your kicks and keep them looking as good as new.  

Did you know they can even lift away lint? Keep a package of Crocodile Cloth in your glove compartment, and you’ll always look spiffy, no matter what the day throws at you. 

7. Wipe Away Sweat

It’s summer, and you’re on the move. You’re mountain biking, backpacking, or hitting the basketball court with your buddies. Working up a good sweat can feel amazing, but what doesn’t feel amazing is sweat dripping into your eyes. 

Ultra-absorbant and safe on the skin, Crocodile Cloths are great for wiping sweat away from your face and body. Whether you’re an athlete, work outdoors, or want to stay cool and dry in the summer heat, keeping a pack of disposable Crocodile Cloth on you is the perfect solution.

Throw them in your gym bag, in with your camping or hiking gear, in your motorcycle saddlebag, or anywhere you may need a quick refresher while enjoying the great outdoors. 

8. Dust Your Plants

Dusting your plants regularly is an important part of being a good plant mom or dad.

Did you know even a thin layer of dust can block sunlight and make it harder for plants to get the nutrients they need from the sun? For your plants to grow lush, green, and happy, keep them clean with Crocodile Cloth! Wet or dry, these cloths have what it takes to remove all dust particles from your plants without harming the delicate leaves. 

Simply grab a cloth and start wiping down the leaves. One cloth should be large enough to take care of your whole plant collection. It’s that simple!

9. Clean a Chalkboard or Whiteboard 

All teachers know … chalkboard erasers have a way of wandering off.

Instead of constantly replacing your erasers, just keep a package of Crocodile Cloth in your classroom! The wipes are effective for erasing and cleaning chalkboards, whiteboards, and all kinds of other classroom surfaces. Check out the full line of antibacterial hand wipes and fiercely clean hand sanitizer to help slow the spread of germs in your classroom too! 

All Crocodile Cloth products are non-toxic, so they’re safe for use around kiddos of all ages. 

10. Wet Envelopes

“Envelope glue… yum!” -Said no one ever

If you’ve ever found yourself having to lick a bunch of envelopes, you know it’s not a fun task. Whether you own a business, are sending wedding invitations, throwing a party, or whatever reason you’ve got lots of mail to send, a Crocodile Cloth is the perfect solution for sealing envelopes. No licking required! 

Crocodile Cloth: For All Life’s Messes 

Now you know ten of the unexpected uses for Crocodile Cloth. Trust us; there are way more!

Can ordinary wet wipes do all this?

Once you try Crocodile Cloth brand cleaning clothes, you’ll realize that ordinary wipes just won’t cut it anymore.

These ultra-tough wipes were designed to cut through industrial-strength messes like silicone, grease, oil adhesives, paint, and other sticky gunk — but they’re safe enough for use in your home, on your skin, and on your pets.

Are you ready to swap out your cabinet full of cleaning products for one pack of Crocodile Cloth? Grab a 100-pack of the Original Crocodile Cloth online and see for yourself!