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Top 10 Uses for Crocodile Cloth

Crocodile Cloth for Car Detailing

Many things have changed in the past two and a half years, and a big one is how we view the process and necessity of cleaning. Now, more than ever, cleaning and disinfecting have become requirements in just about every household. 

With that rise in interest has come a push for better cleaning supplies. People are looking for convenient and low-waste ways to keep their homes, workplaces, and belongings clean.

Enter Crocodile Cloths. These heavy-duty wipes are bigger and more durable than other wet wipes on the market so that you can really get the job done.

Not convinced that you could use some Crocodile Cloths of your own? Read on as we talk about the top ten ways that our satisfied customers are using these heavy-duty wipes on a regular basis.

1. Cleaning Up Spills

Your kid tipped over an open soda can on the kitchen counter. Your pets knocked over their bowl of wet food. You’ve done the unthinkable: spilled a glass of red wine on the carpet. 

Not all spills can be cleaned with a dry paper towel. In fact, unless it’s water, you’re going to need something stronger to wipe away smears, sticky residue, and stains. As multipurpose wipes, Crocodile Cloths can handle any spill on any surface, and with a pack on hand, you can tackle that spill ASAP.

2. Cutting Through the Three G’s

What are the three G’s, you ask? We’re talking about grease, grime, and germs. You don’t want them around your home or workplace and you certainly don’t want them on your hands and face.

Crocodile Cloth hand wipes are safe to use on the skin, making them a quick and easy solution to life’s biggest messes. Keep a pack at home, in your car, and at work to keep your hands grease-free and germ-free. If it’s too late and you’ve already touched your face, well, you can use your hand wipes to clean that up, too. 

3. Cleaning and Detailing Vehicles

The nooks and crannies of the dashboard, the gear shift in your boat, the cupholders in your RV, the grooves of your tires: what do these things have in common? They’re hard to reach and they tend to attract dust, grime, and residue. To keep all of your vehicles looking top-notch and well-detailed, you’re going to need some impressive cleaning supplies.

Does that mean that you’ll need a special type of spray or tool for every vehicle you own? Not when you have Crocodile Cloths. From your car to your RV to your boat, Crocodile Cloths can do the trick.

4. Cleaning With No Water to Spare

There’s nothing like heading out into the great outdoors and relying only on what you can fit into a backpack (or the trunk of your car, whatever floats your boat). The problem is that sometimes, that can mean forgoing important parts of your routine, like cleaning. After all, the water you brought is for drinking and cooking, not for washing up.

Is there no way around this particular outdoor living snag? Not anymore. If you know that you’re headed out on an adventure (or even a job) that leaves you with no water to spare, bring some Crocodile Cloth antibacterial hand wipes and some Crocodile Cloth multi-purpose wet wipes and you can keep everything clean without wasting a drop. 

5. Dusting Hard-to-Dust Spaces

You’re getting ready to host a dinner party and realize that while you’ve decluttered and vacuumed and fluffed the pillows, you’re still spotting a lot of dust. Even worse, that dust is in hard-to-dust spots. Who knew dust could land on so many surfaces?

Fortunately, Crocodile Cloths can wipe away dust with a single pass and, unlike feather dusters, will trap that dust rather than sending it flying into the air. Plus, Crocodile Cloths conform to any surface or space, making it easier to get all of those nooks and crannies. 

In a matter of minutes, you’ll wipe away dust from the trim, the appliances, the windowsills, and even the plants. Your guests will never suspect that a speck of dust has ever made its way into your spotless home!

6. Keeping Tools Like-New

A lot of us rely on our tools for work, chores, home improvement, and hobbies. When you invest in a good tool, you want to make sure that you can keep using it for years to come. Too many tool users aren’t taking the time to clean their tools between uses, in large part because it seems too time-consuming, but with Crocodile Cloth wet wipes, it’s practically effortless.

Gone are the days that you let grease and grime build up. It’s time to put Crocodile Cloths to use and remove the mud from your gardening tools, the grease from your wrenches, and the dirt from your power tools. 

7. Touching Up the Patio

You’ve turned your backyard into a private oasis, decking out your patio with comfortable furniture, planters, and maybe even a fire pit. The only problem is that every time you head out there to relax, you’re put off by the mess. How can you enjoy the outdoors when the outdoors keeps dirtying up your patio? 

Crocodile Cloths aren’t just great for indoor use. One wipe can remove the pollen and debris from your patio furniture, the dust from your fire pit, and the cobwebs from, well, everywhere. Take back your private oasis with the versatility of Crocodile Cloths.

8. Disinfecting Surfaces

When it comes to properly disinfecting surfaces, there are a lot of rules that you should be aware of. For starters, white vinegar can work a lot of magic in the cleaning department, but it doesn’t serve as an across-the-board disinfectant. Furthermore, when your goal is to disinfect, you need to pay close attention to what kinds of products you’re mixing and matching, because some combinations are toxic

What’s the solution? Use an antibacterial wet wipe to disinfect surfaces like countertops and bathroom sinks, rather than reaching for different cleaning chemicals. When you’ve got one reliable cleaning supply, you don’t have to go through the trial and error process of looking for what works (while trying to avoid creating toxic gases).

9. Making the Grill Clean and Safe to Use

Okay, so maybe you scrape your grill grates when the charred bits start to build up. Is that enough to keep your grill clean and safe to use? The answer is not so much.

Over time, your grill grates can become coated with carcinogens and other unwanted debris that you don’t really want to consume. That means that you’re going to want to do a more thorough cleaning job that a metal spatula or grill turner can’t accomplish. 

If you haven’t cleaned your grill in a long time and don’t believe that Crocodile Cloths will do the trick, we’ve got something more to offer you. Take a look at this video guide that will show you how the toughest wipes can handle the toughest jobs.  

10. Cleaning Up After Pets

Let’s face it: we love our pets and they make our homes and lives happier and more exciting, but energy and comfort aren’t the only things they bring. They shed and create dander, they spill their food, they have accidents in the house, and they even have a tendency to vomit. How can you keep up with all of that mess without having to spend all of your time cleaning?

Crocodile Cloths are a great tool when it comes to pet clean-up. You can use the antibacterial wipes to wipe them down, removing some of the debris they track inside and removing some of that pesky dander before it ends up all over your house. You can also use multi-surface wipes to clean up pet-related messes and lift away dander from surfaces the same way that you remove dust.  

Clean Smarter With Crocodile Cloths

We’re all looking for new and better ways to clean up these days. Why not get the products that can be used in tons of different ways and will cut through grease, grime, germs, dust, and more? It’s time to stock up on Crocodile Cloth wipes for your home, workplace, and vehicles.

Have any questions about how to make the most out of Crocodile Cloths? Are there any video tutorials we haven’t tackled yet that you want to see? We’re always looking for ways to make Crocodile Cloths and your experience with them better.

Take a look at our product line or contact us to let us know how we can help.

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