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for Mega-Messes

When you’ve got big messes, you need a heavy-duty towel to clean it all up. GATOR BLUE combines the strength and size of a shop towel with the convenience of a pre-moistened cleaning wipe.

GATOR BLUE disposable shop towels are extra-large, extra-strong and extra-wet to cut through oil, grease, adhesives, dirt and grime in record time.

  • Extra-large size (10” x 15”) for extra-large messes
  • Durable, low-lint, absorbent substrate collects and traps dirt like a microfiber cloth
  • Available in blue or white cloth material
  • Powerful cleaning formulation is tough on grime but safe for hands and surfaces*

Safe on most fabrics, but color test before use.

Ideal for Garage, Shop, Home & Work

GATOR BLUE is the perfect shop towel for contractors, homeowners, mechanics, DIY-ers and anyone else who needs a heavy-duty cleaning cloth. From cleaning grease off tools to mopping up paint spills, GATOR BLUE can do it all. Grab a pack for everywhere you need mega cleaning power.

  • Factory/fabrication shop
  • Contractors/builders
  • Maintenance/repair
  • Garage/mechanics
  • DIY/tough home messes

GATOR BLUE Multipurpose

GATOR BLUE Multipurpose is perfect for clean-up of everyday messes around the home, garage or shop, including:

  • General grime and dirt
  • Grease/oil
  • Gasoline and diesel residue
  • Paint
  • Silicone
  • Adhesives, caulk and glue
  • Uncured expanding foams, primers and solvents
  • Ink and permanent marker
  • Dried food
  • Coffee/soda/wine spills

Look for These Other Great GATOR BLUE Products


For baked-on residue and grease on and around the grill and cleanup of outdoor furnishings.


Specially formulated for professional painters and contractors for pre-cleaning and spill cleanup.

Bigger is Better

When you’ve got big messes to clean, a wimpy wipe just won’t do. Gator BLUE uses a thick, durable substrate and is generously sized at a full 15 by 10 inches. That means you can use one Gator BLUE pre-moistened shop towel instead of a handful of standard cleaning wipes. And since they are pre-moistened (unlike your regular blue shop towels), you save time and materials. No need to spray or find the right cleaner—just wipe and go. The cleaning formulation powers through all kinds of dirt, grease and grime while remaining gentle on skin.


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