Crocodile Cloth Marine

Plenty of water but no place to wash? Crocodile Cloth® Marine will keep you clean out on the boat or back at the dock. We designed these especially for boaters, sailors, water sports enthusiasts and marina workers.

And with our “Never Dry” guarantee, you can count on them to stay fresh and ready for up to 2 years.

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Get Messy.

Life gets messy. When the grime gets tough, you don’t need a wimpy wipe that will let you down. You need something bigger; stronger; fiercer. You need Crocodile Cloth!

Crocodile Cloth Marine is great for cleanup on the boat


Take Crocodile Cloth Marine when you go Fishing


Crocodile Cloth Marine is perfect for Jetskis and Watercraft


Use Crocodile Cloth Marine at the Marina


The Uses Are Endless.

Crocodile Cloth® Marine is tough on dirt and gentle on skin, so it’s great for keeping clean in places with no clean running water, like the boat or marina. These durable cloths power through all kinds of dirt and grime, from fish guts to engine grease. Product can be special ordered with biodegradable fabric for a greener lifestyle.

Bigger. Tougher. Fiercely Clean.

Crocodile Cloth Marine 80-Count


Part #6630-080

Crocodile Cloth Marine 50-Count


Part #6630-050

Crocodile Cloth Marine 10-Count


Part #6630-010

Better Than A Wipe.

Unlike standard wipes, Crocodile Cloth® brand cleaning cloths are 15-inch by 10-inch, extra large for faster, easier cleaning of surfaces, large and small. 

Crocodile Cloth® brand cleaning cloths are made of low-lint, non-woven, highly-absorbent materials to collect and trap dirt like a microfiber cloth. They are tough on dirt but gentle to skin.

Crocodile Cloths are 15 x 10 inch size
Crocodile Cloth Marine 80-Count

Try It For Free!

Not convinced that Crocodile Cloth® is the fiercest disposable cleaning cloth available? Try it yourself before you put it on your shelves. Potential distributors, resellers and institutional buyers can put it to the test on their greasiest, grimiest messes. Request your sample today!

Merchandising Options

These high-quality, eye-catching displays fit where you need them to grab attention and drive sales. Choose from these great options or talk to us about your custom merchandizing needs.


Shelf Displayer

Holds 6 vertically
oriented packs.


Rip-Top Case

6 packs of 100 or
8 packs of 80.

Crocodile Cloth Clip Strip Displayer

Clip Strip

6 packs of 10.

Crocodile Cloth Quarter Pallet Displayer for Merchandising

Quarter Pallet Display

Holds 48 packs.


Dump bin

Holds 32 packs of 100 or 40 packs of 80.

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Buy Crocodile Cloth® Marine at one of these fine online retailers.