The Biggest Thing in Cleaning Could Be Coming to Your Aisles

Ready to bring big cleaning power to your customers? Crocodile Cloth® is now available in consumer-friendly packaging with Wing-Rack Displayers perfectly suited for our retail partners. 

Our cleaning cloths are extra-big, extra-durable and extra-wet for extra cleaning power. They are the perfect cleaning cloth for home, shop, garage, auto and more. 

We’re experiencing growing popularity in the home improvement/DIY market, as well as, for general consumer applications. That’s why we’re now making Crocodile Cloth® available for grocery and general retail as well as commercial resellers and home improvement stores. These cleaning cloths are like nothing else you currently have on your shelves. 

Crocodile Cloth® Products

Available for a range of cleaning applications, including: 

Crocodile Cloth Multipurpose 10-count pack


Part #6620-010

Crocodile Cloth Power Scrub 10-Count

Power scrub

Part #6500-010

Crocodile Cloth AUTO 10-Count


Part #6920-010

Crocodile Cloth Outdoor 10-Count


Part #6610-010


Part #6600-010

Better Than A Wipe.

Unlike standard wipes, Crocodile Cloth® brand cleaning cloths are 15-inch by 10-inch, extra large for faster, easier cleaning of surfaces, large and small. 

Crocodile Cloth® brand cleaning cloths are made of low-lint, non-woven, highly-absorbent materials to collect and trap dirt like a microfiber cloth. They are tough on dirt but gentle to skin.

Crocodile Cloths are 15 x 10 inch size

Merchandising Options

These high-quality, eye-catching displays fit where you need them to grab attention and drive sales. Choose from these great options or talk to us about your custom merchandizing needs.

Crocodile Cloth 6-Peg Displayer

6-Hook Wing-Rack Display

14" W x 35" H x 6" D

Crocodile Cloth 12-Peg Displayer

12-Hook Wing-rack Display

19" W x 48" H x 6"D

Life Gets Messy.
Clean Up with Crocodile Cloth®.

With Crocodile Cloth®, you can clean up in the cleaning aisle! Become a Crocodile Cloth® distributor today. 

Consumers Love Crocodile Cloth®

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