Crocodile Cloth® Original

Oversized, Pre-Moistened Cleaning Cloths

Product Overview

Crocodile Cloth® is the toughest disposable cleaning cloth on the planet, to attack industrial-size messes in any habitat—from the classroom to the office to the factory floor. Our unique formula devours grease, grime, grit and gunk and absorbs gloppy messes for fast, one-swipe cleaning. This is the one product you need on any facilities maintenance shelf to save time, space and money.

Multipurpose: Takes the place of multiple products.

Ready-to-use: Pre-moistened and never dries out.

Efficient: Extra-large (15 x 10 inches), extra-absorbent and extra-durable.

Material: Crocodile Cloth® brand cleaning cloths are made of low-lint, non-woven, highly-absorbent materials to collect and trap dirt like a microfiber cloth.

Cleans up: Grease • Paint • Silicone • Uncured Expanding Foam • Adhesives • Ink • Dust • Tar • Dried Food • Coffee/Soda/Wine Spills • Graphite • Permanent Marker • Gasoline/Diesel Residue • Un-cured Plumbing Cement/Primer/Solvent

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“These are amazing. First, I expected something similar in size to the Lysol/Clorox wipes…NO these are huge. I bought them because can’t find the household ones right now, best decision ever. 1 of these does the job of 4-6 of the others.” — Amanda, Online Reviewer

“We operate a canine rescue and they work great for wiping out dog crates and our vehicles from transporting dogs either to the veterinarian or their furever home. Definitely a well made product. 🐾🇺🇸” — Paul, Online Reviewer

“These are some of the best wipes I have ever used! Cleans up the nastiest stuff with ease! These are big sheets that last and are very tough! Highly recommend! May I add these are great for painting projects as well!” — Kevin, Online Reviewer

“These are the best! I’ve used them under the hood of a 20 year old car, made everything shine like new. Removes grease and grime easily. Works great on car interiors as well. Highly recommend these and they are now a must have in my household.” — Kim, Online Reviewer