Crocodile Cloth for Maintenance and Tool Clean Up


Crocodile Cloth for Construction Clean Up



Crocodile Cloth for Home and Garage Clean Up


Crocodile Cloth for DIY messes


Crocodile Cloth cleans up dust


Crocodile Cloth cleans up paint and ink


Crocodile Cloth for cleaning tires and rims


Big Messes Need More Than A Wimpy Wipe.

They Need Crocodile Cloth®

Crocodile Cloth® is specially designed for life’s toughest, greasiest, grimiest jobs—at home or on the job.

Tough on dirt and grease, gentle on the hands. These industrial-grade disposable cleaning cloths are bigger and stronger than ordinary wipes for fast cleanup of oil, grease, grime and adhesives on skin, tools or surfaces.

Better Than A Wipe.

Unlike standard wipes, Crocodile Cloth® brand cleaning cloths are 15-inch by 10-inch, extra large for faster, easier cleaning of surfaces, large and small. 

Crocodile Cloth® brand cleaning cloths are made of low-lint, non-woven, highly-absorbent materials to collect and trap dirt like a microfiber cloth. They are tough on dirt but gentle to skin.

Crocodile Cloths are 15 x 10 inch size

Bigger. Tougher. Fiercely Clean.

No matter what kind of mess you’re dealing with, we’ve got a Crocodile Cloth® for you.

Crocodile Cloth® is bigger, wetter and stronger to tackle your toughest messes on the job or at home.         

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Crocodile Cloth brand products can be found online, as well as at an ever growing list of local hardware and supply stores.

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