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From camping and grilling to auto repair and painting, Crocodile Cloth has bundled our most popular products together and have given them a great price too!

Where’s The Mess?

Wherever you are, there is a Crocodile Cloth for every mess.



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Big Messes Need More Than a Wimpy Wipe.

Crocodile Cloth® was created for life’s toughest, greasiest, grimiest jobs—around the house, deck, garage, or anywhere messes lurk. These super-size disposable cleaning cloths are ready for anything life throws at you.

3x the Size of Standard Wipes.

Extra-large, super-absorbent 10”x15” disposable cleaning cloths mop up big messes in a single swipe.

Crocodile Cloth® is made of tough, durable, low-lint nonwoven material, so it won’t fall apart or leave residues behind.

Crocodile Cloths are 15 x 10 inch size

Power Through Dirt, Grease and Grime.

Crocodile Cloth’s alcohol-free formulation is gentle on skin, but tough enough to handle your grimiest messes.

Crocodile Cloth® "Never Dry" Guarantee!

Tired of disposable surface wipes drying out before you can even finish using them? Look no further! With Crocodile Cloth®, we’ve revolutionized the industry by offering a guarantee that your wipes won’t dry out for up to one year after purchase.

A Crocodile Cloth® for Every Mess

At home or on the go, we’ve got the perfect Crocodile Cloth® for you.

Millions of People Have Gotten Messy and Cleaned Up with Crocodile Cloth®.

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