No More Wimpy Wipes!

Our team at Nuvik USA has one goal: No More Wimpy Wipes! We recognize the fact that the world needed a better wipe. So we’re bringing it to you.

If you’ve used ordinary disposable cleaning wipes, you know the frustration. They’re small, so you need a bunch for a big job. They are not absorbent, so you end up pushing the mess around instead of cleaning it up. They dry out quickly (especially if you forget to close the package). And they’re just not tough enough for sticky, oily, greasy jobs. That’s why the world needs Crocodile Cloth®.

Crocodile Cloth is fiercely clean
Crocodile Cloth No More Wimpy Wipes

Why Crocodile Cloth?

Nuvik USA created Crocodile Cloth® to address the problems with ordinary, wimpy cleaning wipes. Crocodile Cloth are bigger, thicker and super-absorbent, so one cloth is all you need for most jobs. The cleaning solution is specially formulated to cut through grease, oil and adhesives without harsh chemicals that dry out hands or damage surfaces. They’re the only disposable cleaning cloth designed specifically for the industrial, manufacturing, DIY, automotive, construction and outdoor markets.

Crocodile Cloth® addresses the special cleaning needs of mechanics, factory workers, construction workers, landscapers, and others dealing with tough dirt, grease and grime. They have already been field tested and loved by millions of extra-messy people in North America, Europe, Australia and the UK.

We’re bringing Crocodile Cloth® to distribution partners in the U.S. to fill a critical hole on store shelves. These tough cleaning cloths tackle challenges in the home, shop, factory or construction site that ordinary wipes can’t touch. We’re confident that your customers will be glad to ditch the wimpy wipes for a better cleaning solution.

Interested in Becoming a Distributor?

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