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Crocodile Cloth®. Because You Deserve Better.

We created Crocodile Cloth® for homeowners. For workers. For DIYers and crafters. For anyone who needs a better way to clean.

Like many of you, we were fed up with wimpy wipes that didn’t get the job done. Most cleaning wipes on the market are too small and too delicate for tough cleaning jobs—so you end up using a lot of them. We wanted a disposable cleaning cloth that could tackle big, greasy, grimy messes without falling apart or leaving remnants and residues behind. A cloth that was gentle enough to use on skin, but tough enough to handle our dirtiest cleaning tasks.

And so, Crocodile Cloth® was born. Big enough for large spills, tough enough for caked-on grease, Crocodile Cloth® makes cleaning any type of mess faster and easier.

So Go Ahead, Get Messy…Crocodile Cloth® Can Handle It.

Crocodile Cloth Multipurpose

What Kind of Mess Are You Making Today?

Join the Crocodile Cloth® revolution! We’re helping people get out of all kinds of messes.

Clean Up Your Messes, Clean Up the World: Our “3P” Promise

At Crocodile Cloth, we don’t just clean up messes—we make a difference.

That’s why our business is centered around the “3Ps”: Product, People and Planet.

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