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Introducing the Crocodile Cloth® "Never Dry" Guarantee!

Tired of disposable surface wipes drying out before you can even finish using the pack? Look no further! With Crocodile Cloth®, we’ve revolutionized the industry by offering a guarantee that your pack of wipes won’t dry out for up to one year after purchase.

We understand the frustration of opening a pack of wipes only to find them dried out and ineffective. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our wipes stay moist and ready to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks.

Crocodile Cloth Never Dry Guarantee

How do we do it?

It’s all thanks to our innovative approach:

Enhanced Absorbency: Our wipes feature a thicker, more absorbent nonwoven substrate, designed to hold a generous amount of liquid, providing you with long-lasting moisture.

Evaporation Reduction: We’ve formulated our wipes to be alcohol-free, minimizing evaporation and maximizing their lifespan.

Intelligent Packaging: Our packaging is meticulously designed to minimize excess air, preventing premature drying and maintaining the freshness of each wipe.

Extra Liquid: We’ve included additional liquid in each package, ensuring your Crocodile Cloth® stays moist and effective until the very last wipe.

To stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer our “Never Dry” guarantee. If your Crocodile Cloth® pack dries out prematurely within one year of purchase, simply send us proof of purchase to and we’ll gladly provide you with a free pack as a replacement.

Experience the difference of Crocodile Cloth® and never worry about dried-out wipes again. Choose quality, choose effectiveness, choose the “Never Dry” guarantee. Discover the power of long-lasting moisture today!

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