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Nuvik USA Expands U.S. Manufacturing Capacity

Crocodile Cloth Made in USA

Columbus-based manufacturing facility will produce heavy-duty wet cleaning cloths.

Columbus, OH — Nuvik USA, the manufacturer of Crocodile Cloth® industrial-strength disposable cleaning cloths, is opening a new manufacturing facility in Central Ohio. The Columbus facility will manufacture the entire Crocodile Cloth® line of specialty cleaning cloths, including antibacterial surface wipes and the new Crocodile Cloth Power SCRUB. Nuvik will also manufacture private label surface wipes and offer contract manufacturing at the facility.

Jim Reid, the President and CEO of Nuvik USA, says, “Local manufacturing will help us reduce the time-to-market for these in-demand products. It makes sense for us to manufacture them here so we can get them into the hands of distributors and onto store shelves across North America faster.”

Nuvik USA manufactures the Crocodile Cloth® line of industrial-strength disposable cleaning cloths, which are known for their extra-large size, durability and cleaning power (“Bigger, Tougher, Fiercely Clean”). The company offers a range of specialty cleaning cloths for home and work, including Antibacterial, Automotive, Paint, Grill, Outdoors, Power SCRUB and more. Bryce Kenimer, the Sales Director for Nuvik USA, says, “Ordinary cleaning wipes are just plain wimpy. We are making heavy-duty cleaning cloths the norm for industry, recreation and home. These cloths have been field-tested and loved by mechanics, manufacturing workers, DIYers and others dealing with big messes and tough grease and grime.”

The new facility, which will be online by the end of March this year, will initially produce Crocodile Cloth® disposable cleaning cloths and private label surface wipes in flat packs. Eventually, they will also produce canisters. Mr. Reid says, “Opening this new facility is another step towards our vision of being the premier manufacturer of heavy-duty wet cleaning cloths for North America.”  

Crocodile Cloth® products are available through fine distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Distributors interested in contracting with Nuvik for manufacture of private-label surface wipes can contact Nuvik Sales at or 855-552-5684.