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Nuvik USA Introduces Private Label Option for Surface Wipes

Crocodile Cloth now offering Private Label

Distributors can now put their brand on Nuvik’s industrial-strength cleaning cloths.

Columbus, OH — Nuvik USA, the manufacturer of the world’s toughest disposable cleaning cloths, is now offering distribution partners a private label option for surface wipes. The Columbus-based manufacturer will offer surface wipes in both flat packs and canisters for custom branding.

Bryce Kenimer, the Sales Director for Nuvik USA, says, “The private label option opens up new opportunities for our distribution partners who want to keep store shelves stocked with quality products bearing their own brand. We’ve already done the work of product development, testing and, where necessary, FDA registration, and we provide support to help them set up their private label and collateral. That means they can get an in-demand item on their shelves in a matter of weeks with virtually no headache.”

Nuvik USA manufactures the Crocodile Cloth® line of industrial-strength disposable cleaning cloths, which are known for their extra-large size, durability and cleaning power (“Bigger, Tougher, Fiercely Clean”). The private label versions will be available in sizes ranging from 6×8 inches to 10×12 inches and come packaged in custom-branded flat packs with counts of 10ct to 100ct or canisters with counts of 30ct to 100ct.

The company also offers comprehensive marketing support to help distributors get their new products on store shelves quickly. Since the wipes have already undergone testing, they are ready to sell. Nuvik USA provides design support for the label with no design, setup or plate cost fees. They will also provide custom-branded product literature. The whole process takes about 8-12 weeks from initial engagement to shelf-ready product.

Jim Reid, the President and CEO of Nuvik USA, says, “We are committed to providing our distribution partners with the support and service they need to be successful in the surface wipe market. These are products that are in high demand and that many stores have had trouble keeping on their shelves this year. Providing a private label option for our distributors lets them keep their brand in front of consumers on a product that is practically flying off the shelves.”

Distributors interested in offering a private-label version of Nuvik USA’s surface wipes can contact Nuvik Sales at or 855-552-5684 to set up a discovery call.

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