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Crocodile Cloth® Introduces “Never Dry” Guarantee

Crocodile Cloth Never Dry Guarantee

Better fabric, packaging ensures premium disposable surface wipes won’t dry out.

Columbus, OH — Crocodile Cloth® heavy-duty disposable surface cleaning cloths now come with a guarantee: they won’t dry out before their “Best By” date. Under their “Never Dry” guarantee, Crocodile Cloth® manufacturer Nuvik pledges to give customers a free pack if their product dries out prematurely.

Nuvik has invested in product and packaging innovation to ensure that their product lasts a minimum of two years on the shelf without drying out. Each Crocodile Cloth® package comes stamped with a “Best By” date two years out from the manufacturing date. If the product in the package does not retain its moisture for the full two years, Nuvik will send the customer a replacement (up to 20 packs per year for each distributor or commercial buyer).

Bryce Kenimer, the Sales Director for Nuvik USA, says, “When we got into this business, this was one of the primary issues we wanted to address. Many surface wipes on the market dry out quickly once the package is opened. Customers would end up either throwing the product out or refilling the package with water to remoisten the wipes. Once a surface wipe dries out, its effectiveness for cutting through grease, grime and dirt is almost nil.”

Crocodile Cloth® addressed this issue in four ways:

  • a thicker, more absorbent nonwoven substrate to hold more liquid;
  • an alcohol-free formulation to reduce evaporation;
  • packaging design that minimizes excess air in the package; and
  • additional liquid in the package.

The “Never Dry” guarantee applies to Crocodile Cloth® Original, Multipurpose, Automotive, Paint, Grill and the new Crocodile Cloth® Power SCRUB. Distributors interested in adding Crocodile Cloth® products to their shelves can contact Nuvik Sales at or 855-552-5684.