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How do painters use wet wipes

Five Ways Painters Use Wet Wipes

Painting is a messy job–and professional painters know that cleaning as you go is essential. But who has time to stop and clean up painting messes in the middle of a job? Fortunately, disposable, premoistened cleaning cloths–AKA “wet wipes”–make cleanup faster and easier for painting pros and DIYers alike. Cleaning wipes can help painters prep surfaces for painting, keep tools clean and wipe up drips and spills as they occur. Here are five ways that wet wipes can help painters save time and improve workflows.

Surface Wipe-down

Disposable wipes make surface prep a breeze. Dirt, grime, dust, cobwebs and other debris must be removed from surfaces before painting to ensure good paint adherence and a smooth, consistent finish. Damp dusting walls (or other surfaces to be painted) before painting ensures that the surface is clean and ready to paint. A premoistened cleaning cloth removes dirt, oils and adhesives without leaving surfaces too wet. A quick wipe, wait a few minutes for any remaining moisture to evaporate, and you’re good to go!

Filling and Caulking

General wipe-down isn’t the only way disposable wipes can help in surface preparation. They can also be used to smooth out caulk, putty, drywall spackling and other fillers.

Typically, you pack the hole with a thick layer of spackle, let it dry, sand it down and repeat until it is as smooth as possible. This process is time-consuming, takes skill to get the sanding technique just right, and leaves a mess to clean up. As an alternative, you can use a disposable wipe to smooth the filler surface while it is still semi-wet. Simply apply the filler, wait four or five minutes, and wipe it down with the cloth. No need to sand, other than a quick dusting. Wipe the whole wall to clean up any dust.

When a job requires caulking, use a disposable cleaning cloth to clean up any excess. Once the caulk starts to set, wipe it down and tool it with a cloth. Apply the caulk as best you can and use your finger to tool it and smooth it down. Let it set for four to five minutes. Then wrap the cloth around your finger and retool it for a smooth finish.

Drips, Spills and Mishaps

Wet wipes are also great for general cleanup and to correct mistakes during painting, such as accidental runs, drips and spills. If you get color on the wrong surface, grab a cleaning cloth and wipe it up as soon as possible. Disposable wipes are great for cleaning up drips on window sills, hardwood floors and other surfaces. They make it easy and effortless to clean as you go. Use the same wipe until it dries or becomes saturated with color, and then just toss–easy, peasy!

Tool and Paint Can Cleanup

Often, when you are pouring paint into a roller tray, paint can get caught in the trough of the paint can. Get the paint out with a brush and wipe out the remainder with a wet wipe. This ensures the can will seal properly. It also prevents rust from forming between the lid and the can, which can create a problem if you need to use it again later for a touch-up.
Disposable cleaning cloths are also great for removing paint from brush and roller handles and other painting tools. Clean up your tools at the end of the workday to make sure they stay ready for use the next day.

Hands and Skin

Wet wipes are also great for cleaning paint off your hands and arms (and face, and neck, and glasses…). Even professional painters get drips and spatters on themselves. A quick wipe with a disposable cleaning cloth takes care of it, whether you’re cleaning up quickly for a bite of lunch or doing a more thorough job at the end of the day. Just make sure the cleaning wipe you are using is also safe for use on skin.

The Best Disposable Cleaning Wipe for Painters

Are you looking for the best disposable cleaning cloth for painting? We recommend the Crocodile Cloth® Paint series. These tough cleaning cloths were designed specifically for painting surface prep and cleanup of painting messes. Here’s why painters love Crocodile Cloth Paint:

  • They’re extra-large and super-absorbant for cleaning up large painting messes.
  • They stay wet for over an hour out of the package, so you can keep using the same cloth again and again.
  • They are safe for most surfaces and gentle on skin, so you can use the same cloth to clean tools, surfaces and hands.
  • They are lint-free and don’t leave any residues behind on surfaces to be painted.


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