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No matter what kind of mess you’re dealing with, we’ve got a Crocodile Cloth® for you.

Crocodile Cloth® is bigger, wetter and stronger to tackle your toughest messes on the job or at home. Now available in both Consumer and extra-tough Professional Series.

Professional Series

The Professional Series cleaning cloths are super-strong and industrial-strength to hold up to workplace messes.

Crocodile Cloth Original Sample

Crocodile Cloth®

Our original Crocodile Cloth® was designed for cleanup of industrial-size messes in greasy, grimy workplaces. Ideal for factory, construction, and other messy sites.

Crocodile Cloth Auto Samples

Crocodile Cloth®

Safe on car parts and components, cuts though automotive grease, oil and dirt. Ideal for auto shop, garage, roadside rescue or auto detailing.

Crocodile Cloth Paint

Crocodile Cloth®

The perfect cloth for painting surface prep. Use for damp-dusting and removal of oils, adhesives and residues prior to painting. Safe on wood, metals and other surfaces.

Power Series

The Power Series cloths have an extra-tough cleaning formulation to power through greasy messes. 

Crocodile Cloth Power Scrub Samples

Power Scrub
Crocodile Cloth®

Our roughest, toughest cleaning cloth yet, for your stickiest gunkiest, greasiest messes. One side is smooth to polish and absorb, and the other side has teeth to scour and scrub.

Consumer Series

The Consumer Series cloths are tough, biodegradable and perfect for messes at home or on the go.

Crocodile Cloth Multipurpose samples

Crocodile Cloth®

For fast cleanup of all kinds of messes around the house, garage or workplace. Tackles grease, grime and dirt on all surfaces. Biodegradable.

Crocodile Cloth Outdoor Samples

Crocodile Cloth®

Stay clean on the go, even in places with no water available. For campers, hunters, anglers, boaters, RV-ers, picnickers and outdoor enthusiasts. Biodegradable.

Crocodile Cloth Grill 80-Count

Crocodile Cloth®

Keep your grill and BBQ tools clean as a whistle and outdoor furniture and coolers sparkling. Cleans sticky, baked-on grease and food or outdoor grime. Biodegradable.

Crocodile Cloth®

Designed specifically for messes around the boat, dock or marina, from fish guts to engine grease. For boaters, sailors, fishers and marina workers. With our Never-Dry Guarantee!

Antibacterial Series

Stay fiercely clean, protected and healthy! Crocodile Cloth Antibacterial Hand Wipes and Fiercely Clean Hand Sanitizer are gentle on skin and tough on bacteria, viruses and fungi. Proven effective for fast sanitation without soap and water.

hand wipes

Contains a broad-spectrum antimicrobial to kill common harmful microbes on hands. Aloe Vera moisturizes hands as you clean.

8162 Alcohol Wipes 80 Pack


75% Alcohol wipes that are perfect for medical environments, schools, offices and homes.

Crocodile Cloth Hand Sanitizer

Fiercely clean hand sanitizer

Kills harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi while being gentle on skin. Meets FDA requirements for microbial efficacy and skin safety.

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